Training and Executive Education

Since 2003, through the management of the 0.30% of the employees’ total salary expenditure, all companies can adhere to any of the “Parity Inter Professional Funds” for the Ongoing Training and Executive education without any additional cost.

BUSINESS VALUE can assist companies in all phases of the training project and in particular in the planning of the program, in its management, in the provision via qualified tutoring and in the submission of the final report to be presented to one of the Funds established between employer Associations and workers unions. Business Value is accredited as an Implementing Training Agency among the main funds.

BUSINESS VALUE therefore can offer assistance under two different ways:

  • As consultant: supplying assistance to the company, the latter managing the project independently
  • As Implementing Agency: directly managing the project on behalf of the  client and taking care of all aspects of the relationship with the Fund enrolled with.

BUSINESS VALUE also designs corporate training plans and performs tailor made management education programs on all themes listed above.